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Rosalind Adam, "Induction Day"

Rosalind Adam, "Messiah?"

Rosalind Adam, "We All Belong"

Kristina Adams, "How Creative Writing Skills Can Make You a Better Copywriter"

Kristina Adams, "The Ghost's Call"

Kristina Adams, "Writing Character Goals, Objectives, Flaws and Fears"

Kelli Allen, "Banjo's Inside Coyote"

Malka Al-Haddad, "Letter to Santa" 

Rosie Anderson, "Managing a Master's Dissertation"

Karen Argent, "The Dream I Held in My Hands"


Jessica Bacon, "I'm a Master's Graduate!"

Anne Bailey, "What the House Taught Us"

Elizabeth Baines, "Astral Travel"

Alan Baker, "A Journal of Enlightened Panic"

Charlotte Barnes, "All I See Is You"

Sarah Barnsley, "The Thoughts"

Yvonne Battle-Felton, "Remembered"

Tasha Beauchesne, "Geology"

Natalie Beech, Interviewed by Sonia Tailor

Shaindel Beers, "The (Im)Precision of Language"

Kathleen Bell, "Do You Know How Kind I Am?"

Geraldine Bell, "Pink Papers"

Valerie Bence, "Overlap"

Charles Bennett, "Cloud River"

Alyse Bensel, "Rare Wondrous Things"

Laura Besley, "The Almost Mothers"

Alan Bilton, "The End of the Yellow House"

Julia Bird, "is, thinks Pearl"

Christopher Black and Matthew Bright, "Between the Lines"

Petrus Borel, "Rhapsodies 1831," trans. John Gallas and Kurt Gänzl

Alison Brackenbury, "Gallop"

Alison Brackenbury, "Thorpeness"

Maggie Brookes, "The Prisoner's Wife"

Zoe Brooks, "Fool's Paradise"

Louise Brown, Colin Gardiner and Kathleen Hoyle, "Magical Mystery Tour 2018"

Charis Buckingham, "What Ghostwriting Taught Me"

Will Buckingham, "Hello, Stranger: How We Find Connection in a Disconnected World"

Rebecca Burns, "Kezia & Rosie"

Maggie Butt, "everlove"


Michael Caines, "Two Poems"

Helen Calcutt, "Unable Mother"

Anne Caldwell, "Alice and the North"

Stephanie Carty, "Inside Fictional Minds"

Lynda Clark, "Dreaming in Quantum and Other Stories"

Jonathan Coe, "Mr Wilder and Me"

Tom Conaghan (ed.), "Reverse Engineering"

Constantine, "The Cats of Charnwood Forest"

Isabel Costello, "Scent"

Dan Coxon and Richard V. Hirst (ed.), "Writing the Uncanny: Essays on Crafting Strange Fiction"

Laurie Cusack, "The Bottle and the Trowel"


Mona Dash, "Let Us Look Elsewhere"

Jonathan Davidson, "A Commonplace"

Jonathan Davidson "On Poetry"

Shae Davies, "Growing Up"

Gary Day, "Two Poems"

Gary Day, "Snapshot 1952" and "The Art of Perspective"

Ariane Dean, Review of Emmanuelle Pagano, "Trysting"

Dani Devenney, "Girls Who Play Sports"

Sophie Duffy, "Betsy & Lilibet"

Kassie Duke, "Word Bath"

Georgia Duplooy, "To my Arch Enemy, the Freezer" 

Kate Durban, "The Creative Writing Dissertation"

Sue Dymoke, "Roaming Range"


Sharon Eckman, "I See You"

Simon Elson, "Pitch Perfect: Make Money From Your Writing"

Carrie Etter, "The Shooting Gallery"

Sally Evans, "Wildgoose"

Frances Evelyn, "The Traitor Within"


Jane Feaver, "Crazy"

Rachel J Fenton, "Beerstorming with Charlotte Brontë in New York"

Martin Figura, "My Name Is Mercy"

Bert Flitcroft, "Just Asking"

Bert Flitcroft, "Two Poems"

Helen Foster, "Let Them Speak! Oral History Archives as an Inspiration for Creative Writing"

Lauren Foster, "Coplowdale"

Lauren Foster, "The Angel of Welford Road"

Lauren Foster, "Two Poems"

Kate Fox, "The Oscillations"

Angela France, "Terminarchy"

Scott Freer, "Two Poems"

Neil Fulwood, "Can't Take Me Anywhere"


John Gallas, "Aotearoa/Angleland: 30+30 Tankas"

Cathy Galvin, "Walking the Coventry Ring Road with Lady Godiva"

Colin Gardiner, "High Street Blues"

Annalise Garrett, Review of Ashley Stokes (ed.), "The End"

Linda Gask, "Finding the True North: The Healing Power of Place"

Rob Gee, "The Day My Head Exploded: Poems About Healthcare"

Thilsana Gias, "Researching and Writing a Historical Dissertation"

Caroline Gill, "Driftwood by Starlight"

Robert Graham, "The Former Boy Wonder"

Pete Green, "Hemisphere"


Kerry Hadley-Pryce, "Gamble"

Robert Hamberger, "A Length of Road: Finding Myself in the Footsteps of John Clare"

Caroline Hardaker, "Little Quakes Every Day"

Bruce Harris, "Fallen Angels"

Sophie Haydock, "The Flames"

Millie Henson, "The Call of the Wild in Children's Literature"

Tania Hershman, "and what if we were all allowed to disappear"

Talia Hibbert, "Get a Life, Chloe Brown"

Charlie Hill, "I Don't Want to Go to the Taj Mahal"

Kathy Hoyle, "An MA in Creative Writing: Is It for You?"

Sue Hubbard, "Swimming to Albania"

Ian Humphreys (ed.), "Why I Write Poetry"

Ruth Hunt, "The Single Feather"

Rebecca Hurst, "The Fox's Wedding"


Helen Ivory, "The Anatomical Venus"


Heidi James, "The Sound Mirror"

Sarah James, "Blood Sugar, Sex, Magic"

Amanda Jennings, "The Haven"

Carolyn Jess-Cooke, "We Have to Leave the Earth"

Eliot John, Review of Emma Lee and Ambrose Musiyiwa (ed.),"Welcome to Leicester"

Ellie Fleur Johnson, "Phonetic A Bee Sees"

Stephen Johnson, "How Shostakovich Changed My Mind"

Stephen Johnson, "The Eighth: Mahler and the World in 1910"

Chris Jones, "Little Piece of Harm"

Gaynor Jones, "Among These Animals"

Peter Thabit Jones, "Garden of Clouds: New and Selected Poems"

Tionee Joseph, "Mastering the Dissertation"


Jenny Kane, "The Accidental Author"

Isabelle Kenyon (ed.), "Please Hear What I'm Not Saying"

Isabelle Kenyon, "Small Press Publishing: The Dos and Dont's"

Isabelle Kenyon & Charley Barnes (ed.), "In Conversation with ... Literary Journals"

Aiysha Khan, "The Looter"

Andrew Komarnyckyj, "Ezra Slef"

Naomi Kruger, "May"


Anna Larner, "Highland Whirl"

Anna Larner, "On Reflection"

Charles G Lauder Jr, "The Aesthetics of Breath"

Emma Leach, "Sprawl"

Gregory Leadbetter, "Maskwork"

Emma Lee, "The Significance of a Dress"

Carol Leeming, "Song for Guests"

A. J. Lees, "Brainspotting: Adventures in Neurology"

A. J. Lees, "Brazil That Never Was"

Thomas Legendre, "Keeping Time"

Dorothy Lehane, "Bettbehandlung"

Fiona Linday (ed.), "Making Our World Better"

Matthew Lopez-Bland, "The Vicar's Beard"

Rebecca Lowe, "Blood and Water"

Lorette C. Luzajic (ed.), "The Ekphrastic Review"

Lorette C. Luzajic, "Winter in June"


Alison MacLeod, "Tenderness"

Gill Mann, "A Song Inside" 

Kevan Manwaring, "Black Box"

Kevan Manwaring (ed.), "Ballad Tales: An Anthology of British Ballads Retold"

Roy Marshall, "Two Poems"

Jessica Mayhew, "Longship"

Pattie McCarthy, "goodwifthing"

Pattie McCarthy, "wifthing"

rob mclennan, "The Book of Smaller"

Jim McElroy, "We Are the Weather"

Michelle McGrane, "The Architecture of Leaves"

Lucie McKnight Hardy, "Dead Relatives and Other Stories"

Paul McVeigh (ed.), "The 32: An Anthology of Irish Working-Class Voices"

Sam Meekings, "The Afterlives of Dr Gachet"

Wyl Menmuir, "Fox Fires"

Catherine Menon, "Fragile Monsters"

Amirah Mohiddin, "Ruhi"

Amirah Mohiddin, "The Storyteller: My PhD in Creative Writing"

Alison Moore, "The Retreat"

Kim Moore, "All the Men I Never Married"

Marshall Moore and Sam Meekings (ed.), "The Place and the Writer"

David Morley, "FURY"

Alyson Morris, "My PhD in Creative Writing: You'll Fall Through All Those Boys"

Alyson Morris, Review of Leonie Orton, "I Had It In Me"

Graham Mort, "Like Fado and Other Stories" 

Ambrose Musiyiwa (ed.), "Black Lives Matter: Poems for a New World"

Ambrose Musiyiwa (ed.), "Leicester 2084 AD: New Poems about The City"

Ambrose Musiyiwa, "Two Poems"

Ambrose Musiyiwa, "Welcome to Leicester"

Yasmin Musse, "Saffron Lane"

Yasmin Musse, "For Concrete"


Nora Nadjarian, "Sparrow"

James Nash, "Heart Stones"

Hannah Nicklin, "Multiple Middles: Storytelling in Games"

Christopher Norris, "A Partial Truth"


Holly O'Brien, "Drip"


Nigel Pantling, "It's Not Personal"

Becca Parkinson, "How to Make the Most out of a Writing Course or Workshop"

Edward Parnell, "Ghostland"

Vic Pickup, "Lost & Found"

Vic Pickup, "This Moment Too"

Kathy Pimlott, "the small manoeuvres"

Alexandros Plasatis, "Made by Sea and Wood, in Darkness"

Alexandros Plasatis, "With The Refugees"

Alexandros Plasatis (ed.), et al, "the other side of hope"

Ian Pople, "Spillway: New and Selected Poems"

Dan Powell, "Endings in Short Stories"

Karen Powell, "Sometimes"


Cathi Rae, "Your Cleaner Hates You and Other Poems"

Sara Read, "The Gossip's Choice"

Shelley Roche-Jacques, "Shrink"

Catherine Rogers, "Element"

Sam Rose, "Gut Feelings: Coping with Cancer and Living with Lynch Syndrome"

Jacqui Rowe, "I.M. Dave Reeves"

Nicholas Royle, "White Spines"

Karen Rust, "Doing a Part-Time MA in Creative Writing"

Rosalind Rustom, "A Day at Lowdham Book Festival"


Alicia Saccoh, "Musicality: 10"

Alicia Saccoh, "So You Want to Self-Publish?"

John Schad, "Paris Bride"

Michael Schmidt, "Talking to Stanley on the Telephone"

Myra Schneider, "Siege and Symphony"

James Scudamore, "English Monsters"

Gemma Seltzer, "Ways of Living"

Shreya Sen-Handley, "Handle with Care: Travels with My Family (To Say Nothing of the Dog)"

Shreya Sen-Handley, "Strange"

Sally Shaw, "Spokes of The Docker's Umbrella"

Suzi Shimwell, "A poem only about toothbrushes"

Jane Simmons, "Never After" and "Maternal Line"

Anita Sivakumaran, "Cold Sun"

Lisa Smalley, "Is an Internship for You?"

Lisa Smalley, "The Parent-Student Balance"

Teika Smits, "Russian Doll"

Ruth Stacey, "I, Ursula"

Ruth Stacey, "The Dark Room: Letters to Krista"

Martin Stannard, "The Moon is About 238,855 Miles Away"

Hannah Stevens, "Caterpillars" 

Hannah Stevens, "In Their Absence"

Hannah Stevens, "The Ypres Cross"

Karen Stevens and Jonathan Taylor (ed), "High Spirits: A Round of Drinking Stories"

Matthew Stewart, "The Knives of Villalejo"

Ashley Stokes, "Gigantic"

Melissa Studdard, "Two Poems"

Judi Sutherland, "Following Teisa"

Laura Sygrove, "Three Poems"


Sonia Tailor, "Aaliyah"

Sonia Tailor, "My Work Experience with Shoestring Press"

Tina Otito Tamsho-Thomas, "Someone Is Missing Me"

Lisabelle Tay, "Pilgrim"

Andrew Taylor, "Not There - Here"

Jonathan Taylor, "Cassandra Complex"

Jonathan Taylor, "Creativity, Covid and Kindness"

Jonathan Taylor, "I.M. Julie Boden"

Jonathan Taylor, "I.M. Steffi Schwarcz-Birnbaum"

Jonathan Taylor, "Laughter, Literature, Violence"

Jonathan Taylor, "Leicester Book Prize 2018"

Jonathan Taylor, "Leicester Shindig: A Retrospect"

Jonathan Taylor, "Remembering, Forgetting and Storytelling"

Jonathan Taylor, "Time, Narrative and Genre"

Anastasia Taylor-Lind, "One Language" 

Paul Taylor-McCartney, "Creative and Critical Digressions"

Olivia Titherington, "The Sun and Her Children"

Michael W. Thomas, "Sing Ho! Stout Cortez: Novellas and Stories"

Michael W. Thomas, "Two Poems"

Lydia Towsey, "The English Disease"

Louisa Treger, "The Dragon Lady"


Anna Vaught, "Red and Green Flags in Publishing"

Anna Vaught, "Saving Lucia"


Nina Walker, "Blooming"

Michelene Wandor, "Critical-Creative Writing: Two Sides of the Same Coin: A Foundation Reader" 

Michelene Wandor, "Travellers"

Meng Wang, "After I Bumped My Head on a Children's Slide" 

Scarlett Ward Bennett (ed.), "Elements: Natural & The Supernatural"

Roy Waterman, "Sweet Nothings"

Gareth Watts, "Werner Krauss"

India Wentworth, "Work Experience, Copywriting and Journalism"

Chris Westoby, "The Fear Talking"

David Wharton, "Finer Things"

Jonathan Wilkins (ed.), "An Attempt at Exhausting a Place In Leicester"

Jonathan Wilkins, "Poppy Flowers at the Front"

Jonathan Wilkins, "Utrecht Snow"

Merryn Williams (ed.), "Poems for the Year 2020: Eighty Poets on the Pandemic"

Gregory Wilson, "The Civil Service Fast Stream - Career Opportunities"

Katy Wimhurst, "Snapshots of the Apocalypse"

Gregory Woods, "Records of an Incitement to Silence"

Reuben Woolley, "Two Poems"

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