Thursday 7 October 2021

Andrew Taylor, "Not There - Here"

Andrew Taylor is a Nottingham based poet, editor and critic. He has published three collections of poetry with Shearsman Books: Radio Mast Horizon (2013), March (2017) and Not There - Here (2021). Pamphlets of work include Silo (Red Ceilings Press, 2021), at first it felt flying, with Charlie Baylis (Indigo Dreams, 2019) and The 140s (Leafe Press, 2018). He has collaborated with musician Nick Power, Lowdeine Chronicles (erbacce-Press, 2019), and is currently working collaboratively with Welsh based artist Julie Jones. He is the author of Adrian Henri: A Critical Reading (Greenwich Exchange, 2019) and is currently editing two volumes of Peter Finch’s Collected Poems (Seren, 2022). He is Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at Nottingham Trent University. His website is here

About Not There - Here

Continuing the themes of travel explored in his previous Shearsman collections, Radio Mast Horizon (2013) and March (2017), Andrew Taylor takes the reader from England into pre- and post-Brexit Europe, negotiating the arrival of the nightingale, European breakfasts, fast trains into Paris, and the ‘beautiful drift’ of weaving grasses. The reader is treated to the minimalist notion of moments in time alongside the traversing of travelators in Montparnasse and the intricacies of the 280-character form.

From Not There - Here, by Andrew Taylor


lookalike smiles
the first offering of the day

it’s 16.25 in Montparnasse
the travellator is broken

Orange priority tag shifts
waiting room makeover

light catches gold dances on
a pillar like Seahorses on Broadway

it’s 17.21 in Montparnasse
& TGV 8389 departs on time

this second city petite moineau
spires & towers

recognisable routes track curves
& date stamps

(first published in Adjacent Pineapple)

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