Monday 24 October 2022

Loz Anstey, "Orange from Grey"


Loz Anstey is a spoken word artist, a speaker of life, humour, identity, mental health and connection.

Writing became her go-to solace from around the age of 10 years old and she has been scribbling and tapping away ever since. After obtaining a dual honours degree in English Language and Creative Writing, she was exposed to the spoken word scene at her local pub and was launched into the world of performance. The buzz of a stage has now taken her to perform across the country.

In recent years, Loz had her audio piece Boxes released on BBC Sounds and she performed a piece dedicated to her late sister, Emma, on the TEDx stage - a performance that reached out to those in need of some bravery to reach out themselves.

From the heart-warming advocacy of mental health to the downright silly and ridiculous, Loz’s writing has the ability to take you through an emotional and uplifting journey of life’s truths, giggles and battles.

About Orange from Grey

Orange from Grey is a collection of poetry that has been stacking up over the last few years. Many are popular performance poems that have been following Loz from gig to gig. From the very early ‘Pam’s Pants’ to the more recent of ‘Come at me,’ Orange from Grey has gathered them all in one place. There are also poems much more suited to the page, that have never been performed. Orange from Grey is wave of emotions from silly to loss, to hard hitting and humorous. Loz’s publisher said it best with: ‘This is the book of the film.’

Below, you can read two poems from the collection. 

From Orange from Grey, by Loz Anstey    

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