Tuesday 8 February 2022

Kassie Duke, "Word Bath"


Kassie Duke was born in Oakland, California and grew up writing mostly silly poems in her mom's birthday cards. She is very excited to be debuting her first collection of poetry with Word Bath. Kassie has a love of words in all forms having produced her first stageplay The Play in 2015, followed by earning her MA in Creative Writing from the University of Leicester in 2017. Over the years, she's served as a script reader for agents in Hollywood and as a finalist judge for screenwriting competitions in the Los Angeles area. She's currently a full-time proofreader and is in the process of a coast-to-coast relocation from Southern California to Florida, USA. To follow her literary endeavors, you can check out her casually updated blog here.

About Word Bath, by Kassie Duke

Word Bath is a new collection of poems to read tucked in that small corner of the room, nestled in a favorite chair, at the end of a long day. A departure from the usual heart-wrenching territory of verse, it’s a short, sweet walk through the mind of a writer as she puts pen to paper and finds simple joys in the wonder of words.

Three brief chapters explore almost every mood but melancholy. Hoping to give readers a taste of something more in their poetry, “Not About Love,” “Not About Loss,” and “Not About Lemons” are journeys that range from hopeful, to lovestruck, and just plain silly.

Any reader looking for an alternative to deep-cuts, but also a thoughtful love letter to poetics will enjoy Word Bath

From Word Bath

maybe now is when we’ll see
the driest flowers smell as sweet
these old October growths


In a while, I won’t be ice anymore;
able to melt with the murmur of a warm breath.
I’ll be a river running, moving with the might of the wind.
The spring of my soul will wash away the flows floating downstream
and I will dream— not of the time I spent in winter—
but of the sun coming up with the steam.

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