Sunday 23 April 2017

"for concrete" by Yasmin Musse

Yasmin Musse is a poet from Leicester. She's had several of her poems published including 'saffron lane' and 'when men take' in I am not a  silent poet. Currently in her final year studying a BA in English with Creative Writing at the University of Leicester, she writes poems concerning family, the Somali diaspora and mental health.

for concrete

like an overripe tomato
my skin gave up on me

still attached to flesh

in the days preceding
i had succumbed to flip flops
and keyhole-watching people
move through desperate dreams

waiting for a phone call
a voice like fresh cement
time could not harden

some days i fantasised
about re-emerging from you
my toes submerged in butter
along a tightrope of aches

as i jumped
it was the wind
that made me echo
a mouth-full of slab
for childhood memories

next time
i’ll fall straight through
your cracks instead

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