Thursday 18 January 2024

"Nature, the Environment & Sustainability" Short Story Competition: The Shortlist


Photo: cocoparisienne @ Pixabay

Over the last few months, the University of Leicester’s Centre for New Writing and Centre for Environmental Health and Sustainability have been jointly running a writing competition for East Midlands writers on the theme of "Nature, Environment, Sustainability." The competition was open for entries of fiction or creative non-fiction. You can read the original brief about the competition here

We are now delighted to announce the competition shortlist. These ten works will now be considered by our judge, Mark Cocker, and the winner and four runners-up will be announced on the 21st of February.

The competition team want to especially commend all who entered. There were so many very high quality submissions and it was a difficult choice.

Congratulations to our shortlistees:

Emma-Louise Howell, "I Wanted to Write a Poem About Climate Change"
Samuel Parr, "An Anthology of the Months when Nature Refused to Heal Me"
Lee Wright, "The Fog Harvesters"
Rae Toonery, "Cernunnos and the Girl Who Chased the Wind"
Sam Dawson, "Cetiosaurus"  
Asha Krishna, "Lost and Found"
Alice Newitt, "Before The Grasses, Or The Musings Of An Immortal Being Waiting For The World To End"
Molly Desorgher, "Silverlands"
Sophie Sparkhan, "Flood"
Carol Rowntree Jones, "If a Forest"

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