Wednesday 28 April 2021

Everybody's Reviewing passes 150,000 views!


Our sister website, Everybody's Reviewing, has now passed 150,000 readers!

Everybody's Reviewing promotes books and reading through book reviews, event reviews and author interviews. It has published 100s of reviews and dozens of author interviews over the last few years. As the name suggests, anybody and everybody can contribute reviews to the site, and the reviews can be of any book, new or old. 

To mark the milestone the site has just passed, Everybody's Reviewing is now inviting submissions for a new strand on the blog: that is, articles about "A Book That Changed Me."

For this new strand, Everybody's Reviewing is asking for short articles about any book that has had a deep impact on your life, your way of thinking, your way of seeing the world. Articles should talk about the book and the impact it had on you. As Oscar Wilde may or may not have said, "All criticism is autobiography."

Your article should be between 50-400 words in length, generally positive and sent to everybodysreviewing[at]gmail[dot]com. See also About & Submit for further information.

Finally, many thanks to everyone in our wonderful community - readers, reviewers, authors, editors - who have helped Everybody's Reviewing reach this amazing milestone.

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